Bring magic to your home with new Disney blinds

From Anna and Elsa’s enchanted world to Winnie the Pooh and his friends, the new Disney & VELUX Goodnight Collection will add the perfect touch of magic and creativity to your children’s room.

Add some night-time magic to your children’s room with VELUX’s new series of Disney blinds. Whether it is Anna and Elsa, or Olaf the snowman from Disney’s Frozen; Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar Cars or Winnie the Pooh and his friends, give your children the chance to fall asleep with a “good night” to their favourite Disney characters.

“We are so delighted to give children the chance to decorate their room with their favorite Disney characters on a roof window blind. The 2018 blinds collection features blockbuster hits Disney/Pixar Cars and Disney’s Frozen, adored all over the world, as centerpieces of the range,” says Grant Sneddon, product manager for VELUX.

The collection will be available from February 2018 and is the third children’s blinds collection, where Disney has teamed up with global roof window leader VELUX Group to create a beautiful range of blinds depicting the popular Disney narratives and characters in stylish and elegant designs.

Elegant designs and contemporary colors
Comprising nine different and unique designs, the collection combines contemporary colours in an elegant and harmonious mix to cater to style- and quality-focused consumers. There is something for every taste, soft or bold colours, action or epic dramas.

“We are excited to see how these diverse and magical designs will be received by children and parents alike as we have aimed the range to cater to every taste,” says Sneddon.

More darkness for a better night’s sleep

For parents who are looking to ensure their child’s bedroom is set with the best possible sleeping conditions, these blackout blinds are also perfect, as they offer a lightproof seal for total darkness at any time of day.

“We hope these beautiful designs will be appreciated not only for aesthetic reasons but also because they help create the optimum conditions to ensure a good night’s sleep”, concludes Sneddon.

Studies focusing on the importance of sleep have documented how “healthy darkness” is a prerequisite for a good night’s sleep, as our body is more sensitive to light at night. Our body follows a 24-hour cycle and small amounts of light can disturb our sleep at night. Long hours of undisturbed sleep are essential for everyone, but for children in particular. They need a good night’s sleep to grow and feel vigorous in the daytime, whether they are at home, in the nursery or at school.

High quality materials

All blinds are made of dirt-resistant OEKO-TEX® fabrics and provide complete blackout and light control. With the new Disney & VELUX Goodnight Collection design meets quality and functionality, offering children and parents the opportunity to turn rooms into playful environments, where a magical universe comes together with optimal sleeping conditions.