When considering renovation or new build, then Isokern’s Pumice Double Module system is highly recommended. The easy, put-together blocks provide a zero distance to combustibles due to their volcanic insulation and different range of diameters suitable for any project.

The lightweight blocks are easy to handle. The outer and inner blocks are laid at the same time but with staggered joints for safety and stability. The double layer of pumice separated by an air gap maximises the chimney insulation.

This has been used in a number of renovations as well as new build projects throughout the UK.

The features of the Isokern DM include:

  • Unique Features of the Isokern DM system
  • Zero distance to combustibles on straight rendered chimneys (when using top ring terminal)
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight materials, easy to handle
  • Highly insulating pumice for better draw and minimum heat loss
  • Staggered joints for maximum safety and stability
  • Air gaps between outer casing and flue prevents surface staining
  • Good resistance to temperature variations gives the maximum performance for your appliance.
  • CE Certified to EN1858 with the designation T450, NI, D, 3, G (00).

And combined with a Schiedel Isokern Magnum Firechest, the results can be amazing.

One such remarkable installation of a Magnum Firechest with a Pumice Chimney System took place Down Under in the Australian Bush. The project was undertaken by the Volcanic Chimney Company, based in Wales (it’s a long story, continued on our website).

An old patio was replaced with a roaring fire, using a Magnum Fire Chest and an Isokern Double Module Chimney System. All chosen due to the insulation properties and easy construction.

Another project, a little more closer to home, was undertaken by Billing Chimneys, which saw an Isokern Pumice Liner installed, with the construction of a register plate to support the liners, going through a thatched roof.

Billings chose Isokern in this particular situation because of its longevity, durability and excellent insulation. The insulation was very important because it kept the inside of the flue hot, but also prevented damage from any external heat transfer into the adjacent structure.

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