Big is beautiful with’s stunning new, large-capacity Brabantia bins

The new Brabantia Push Bin 60L Brilliant Steel, £160, left; Brabantia Touch Bin 60L
Metallic Grey, £150, top right: Brabantia Touch Bin 60L Brilliant Steel, £150, top right

Specialist retailer has added a stunning selection of new, large-capacity, premium Brabantia models in an array of beautiful, on-trend finishes, to its growing portfolio of eye-catching freestanding bins.

Incredibly versatile, the new Brabantia Push Bins are available in bright Brilliant Steel or chic Matt Stainless Steel finishes and will introduce a professional touch to any kitchen while co-ordinating beautifully with high-performance appliances. The first 60 litre Brabantia bins to join the Binopolis portfolio, these new Push Bins are perfect for larger households, offices, restaurants or cafes. Their stylish flap lid opens inwards with a gentle push and closes softly and quietly. As the lid opens inwards rather than upwards, these stunning new bins can be placed under cupboards and shelves. Measuring H810mm by Dia 440mm, the new 60L Brabantia Push Bins are priced £160.

Available in a choice of no fewer than five beautiful finishes, the new 60-litre Brabantia Touch Bins also provide generous capacity. Take your pick from white, matt black, metallic grey and stainless steel, all £150, or fingerprint proof stainless steel, £178. With the lightest of touches, the plastic lid opens smoothly and closes with just a gentle push. Its controlled opening mechanism enables the bin to be positioned close up against a wall. It measures H710mm by Dia 400mm.

Other versatile new additions to the Binopolis portfolio include 45L Brabantia Touch Bins in Brilliant Steel and Matt Steel; 40L Brabantia Touch Bins in six finishes, including Platinum; and 40L Brabantia Flatback Pedal Bins in White and Stainless Steel. All of these new Brabantia bins come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind and free delivery from Binopolis.

Brabantia Touch Bin 40L Brilliant Steel, £145, left; Brabantia Touch Bin 40L
Matt Steel, £168, top right; Brabantia Touch Bin 40L Matt Black, £145, bottom right

Jane Pollard, co-director at Binopolis, says: “We’re thrilled to have extended our range of premium, design-led Brabantia bins with an array of large-capacity models which provide the perfect solution for a variety of applications from larger households to offices, restaurants and cafes.”