Two Millennials in Rural Dorset rediscover art of cabinet making & provide a very 21st century twist

Jamie and Rhiannon are a young couple who’ve set up a bespoke handmade kitchen and furniture making business on the borders of rural Dorset and Somerset.  They work out of one of the old, once derelict, farm buildings on a picturesque dairy farm which they have turned into a buzzing workshop where they take locally sourced material and turn it into beautiful cabinets, wardrobes and handmade kitchens for their clientele.  In these days of “off the shelf” kitchens they are appealing to a more discerning market who value a piece that has been thought about, crafted and designed for their particular space.

In their rural workshop they are producing pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time; they are actively collaborating with and seeking out other like-minded businesses that share their love for working with living materials. Passionate about the environment, they donate a tree to the Woodland Trust for every kitchen they produce.

What sets this couple apart is their dynamic approach to marketing – they regularly produce Youtube videos showing how they create some of the pieces their customers love and have a great following on Instagram. Recently they collaborated with a Youtuber (with a 500,000 following) from the US who is coming over to visit them and will feature them on her own Youtube Channel. So, while the work they are doing is very much rooted in a time honoured and traditional skill, their marketing methods are planted firmly in the 21st century.

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