CT1 real life case study: Axis 3 Design and refurbishment projects.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer formulation, and is the only sealant available on the market with no solvents. This unique formulation has been awarded over 25 accreditations and tested over 25 times but independent testing bodies.

The ultimate development in bonding and sealing, based on hybrid polymer formulation, CT1 offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material without the need for additional fixings.

CT1 has earned the name The Snag List Eliminator, does the job first time every time. Therefore architects, specifiers, engineers along with the rest of the construction trade! Not want but DEMAND CT1 is used on the job. It’s your get out of jail card. We guarantee it will work, first time around.

Boasting accreditation such as ETAG 022, EC1, ISEGA approved for food accreditations also it’s the only sealant and adhesive to have been approved by NAAF. The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy association. Which is one of the most stringent bodies for testing products for people with any type of allergy or Asthma. CT1 was tested for several months and has a stamp or approval from them. It has been recommended to be used on new builds and used in homes that have asthma or allergy inhibitors.

Many architects and specifiers use this as its their get out of jail card. This is used on nearly every construction material there is, not only seals leaks instantly it also forms the strongest construction adhesive there is. With over 25 accreditations to test its strength, durability, it’s components it is the eco-friendliest product on the market.

This is why real-life case studies are always best to illustrate its reputation as the UK’s number 1 sealant on the market. Axis 3 design’s Ken Hodgson, associate for Axis 3, stated that they started specifying CT1 following several recommendations.

Ken also said they have made considerable time and cost savings using CT1 on refurbishment projects with underfloor heating. Investigating the location of pipes or heating mats was costly and time consuming, direct mechanical fixings may have caused major damage to the systems so they investigated CT1 as a direct adhesion between the existing concrete floor substrate and proposed MF partition tracks.  Ken stated that “The system works perfectly and in tests we found the head and base tracks harder to move than with screw fixings. We wouldn’t hesitate to use CT1 in this scenario again” Axis 3 Design Ltd, Hen Hodgson Associate, mobile 07904326766

For forward testing results, please go to www.ct1ltd.com here you can download the health and safety sheets also please call head office if test results are required. 028 30834892. Please click link to see the CT1 video. https://youtu.be/wIh4JJl25xY and its many uses.