DRU introduces new room-sealed versions of its Dik Geurts branded wood stoves

Dik Geurts is the brand name for the contemporary wood stoves that are designed and manufactured by DRU in the Netherlands. All the stoves and insert fires in the range have an A+ energy rating with high energy efficiency and are clean-burning with very low CO emissions, making them suitable for urban smokeless zones. They are compatible with the EU Eco Design regulations and have DEFRA approval.

The most popular models are the Ivar stove and its more traditional version, the Aste, together with the Instyle and Prostyle ranges of built-in wood fires. There are 2, 3-sided and tunnel models as well as designer stoves such as the dramatic, circular Odin.

Modern homes with Triple A energy ratings are very well insulated and often require the addition of ventilation systems to introduce fresh air into the rooms. If an ordinary wood stove or fire is installed, the low air pressure in the home can result in combustion gases from the stove or fire entering the room, with obvious risks to the health of the occupants.

To eliminate this risk, DRU is producing room-sealed (RS) versions of its Dik Geurts branded stoves. These models have an entirely closed combustion system that draws air from outside the building and expels

waste gases to the outside using the stove’s integral flue. This means that there is no danger of combustion gases entering the room and the stoves are both clean-burning and highly efficient.

As of July 1, 2018, nine Dik Geurts stoves are available in room-sealed versions, with many more to follow soon. It is all part of DRU’s commitment to produce the safest, most compatible and most environmentally-friendly wood burning appliances in the fireplace industry.

For further information visit www.drufire.com