Create a garage that fits your storage needs

When it comes to our homes, storage is the one thing that we all need more of.  Whether you live in a new build or one that’s been around for a while, most houses could do with some extra space.  And if you have a garage, items get put in there to use later on, store until the right season or until you decide to get rid of them.

At some point, the garage will become cluttered and difficult to find what you need.  The solution is clear: Declutter and organise your garage to create a clean, tidy and organised space that fits your lifestyle.


  • Save Time: Once you have everything organised in its rightful place, you can easily find what you need.  No more rifling through boxes or piles to find your golf shoes.
  • More space:  The cleverer you are with your storage solutions, the more you’ll actually be able to fit in.  So you might even be able to free up some of the cupboards in the house if you invest in the right option.
  • Add Value: By installing clever storage options in your garage, you’ll add value to your home, particularly if storage is at a premium.


  • Use the space wisely: Every garage has three walls and a ceiling that can be used for storage purposes.  Even if you have pipework, metres, boilers etc., these can be worked around to make the most of the space you have.  Storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves, hooks, hoists and racks can be added to your wall and ceiling to store all manner of items including bikes, sports equipment, garden tools etc.
  • Make it brighter:  As well as the storage options it provides, installing wall panelling in your garage brightens up the whole space and allows light to bounce around the room.  Of course you’ll still need lights in there for dark days but it is incredible how much light this can bring into the garage space.
  • Make your floor fit for purpose: A concrete floor is going to bring dust, why not seal it with a seamless resin or add in floor tiles to create a level surface.  Not only does a fitted floor add to the look of the garage, they come in a variety of colours and they can stop trips and falls on any pits in the current floor.


Garageflex offer bespoke storage solutions for the residential garage.  We offer a flexible range of wall and ceiling storage solutions, including cabinets and shelves, as well as a choice of resin or tiles for the floor.  And since 2005, we’ve helped over a thousand customers create their perfect space.  For more information visit