Saniflo Profile

As the original inventor of the macerator concept, Saniflo’s parent company, SFA, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018. Saniflo was introduced into the UK market in 1979 and has become one of the most widely recognised brands in the UK plumbing market thanks to its range of over 50 macerator pumps, lifting stations, condensing units and showering products that allow domestic and commercial customers to install WC and washing facilities almost anywhere – lofts, basements, attics – even if not located in proximity to a soil stack and drainage facilities.

Saniflo Domestic Range

The Saniflo domestic range consists of a variety of models that can take waste from a single WC or multiple appliances. These include:

Saniflo Up – waste from a single WC

Sanitop Up – WC and washbasin

Sanislim – slim unit for WC, basin, shower, bidet

Saniplus Up – WC, basin, shower, bidet

Sanipro Up – WC, basin, shower, bidet

Sanicompact – WC with integrated macerator for small spaces

Sanipack Pro Up (for use with built-in furniture)

Saniwall Pro-up (for use with wall hung sanitaryware)

Sanishower + – for electric or gravity mixer showers

Sanishower Flat – for use with low level shower trays

Sanifloor + – for wetroom shower spaces

Sanivite + – to drain waste water from kitchen and utility rooms through small bore pipework.

The Saniflo Commercial Range

For waste discharge waste from larger, commercial buildings the range includes:

Sanispeed + – grey waste pump for lighter commercial applications such as cafes, offices, small shops

Sanibest Pro – WC, basin, shower, bidet – heavy usage in public or commercial situations.

Sanicubics – high volume pumps for multiple appliances

Sanicubic 2XL – multiple WC’s, showers and basins and other appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers

Sanicom – lifting stations for grey water used in busy commercial environments

Sanifos – external, underground pumps

Sanicondens – disposal of acidic condensate

This extensive range of pumping solutions has been developed because Saniflo recognises that one solution doesn’t suit all applications and customers can therefore carefully select a product that is best suited to the job in hand.