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First impressions count! So, when it comes to a home, the front façade of the property needs to look the part with arguably the most important element being the front door.

There are a surprisingly wide range of fittings to consider; everything from door knockers and letter plates, to handles, door numbers, bell pushes and lock pulls amongst other items. It’s therefore important to achieve a harmonised look and feel by selecting quality door furniture that works well together and in a style that complements the character of the property.For those seeking to achieve a period feel, fittings in an antique bronze finish can add an authentic and exquisite touch to any home. The Olde Forge range, which is crafted from brass, encapsulates both stylish and classical design elements, making it suitable for a range of door requirements.

A statement door knocker, such as the Olde Forge Ring Door Knocker, can make the ultimate first impression for visitors. This tudor style ring knocker is mounted on a fleur de lys back plate and supplied with an elegant striker.

The Olde Forge Plain Letter Plate can also be a welcome addition to any entrance. Simple in shape, with a hammered effect finish, the plate is both functional and stylish.

To complete the look, consider an elegant handle such as the Olde Forge Tudor Lever Euro Profile Lock Set which provides a timeless addition to any exterior. The sprung handle has a decorative curved lever and a simple rectangular backplate, making the design ideal for most doors. Matching interior latch and bathroom sets are also available from the range for a consistent finish throughout the property.

With security and privacy in mind, consider the Olde Forge Cottage Thumb Latch Set. This charming fixture with heart details comes complete with a locking pin making it suitable for interior and exterior doors, as well as outside gates.

The handmade Olde Forge range encapsulates both contemporary and classical design elements and is suitable for a range of requirements.

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