Home renovators: should you choose French, sliding or bi-folding doors? @QuickslideLtd

Renovation can be an exciting project to undertake, but sometimes guidance is needed when it comes to choosing the right fixtures to ensure your completed renovation is perfect. When it comes to choosing windows and doors, it can be a difficult task weighing up the pros and cons of each – so how do you know which to choose for your home? Here we will look at the choice between installing French, sliding or bi-folding doors in a renovation.French doors are classic

For a timeless design that suits any home, French doors are ideal. This design allows easy access in and out of the home without taking up or requiring too much space. They’re ideal for small to medium sized openings in the home, so are perfect for smaller homes too. French doors allow for more light to enter the home than a single door, which can be opened to maximise light and heat in the warmer weather. Many people assume that French doors compromise on security, however they can be easily customisable with locking systems for maximum security, making them great for many types of homeowners.

Aesthetically, they’re also a great option as they are available in an array of materials, depending on your budget and style, from aluminium, PVCu and timber.

Consider a chic and functional sliding door

If you choose sliding doors, your indoor space will instantly feel bigger and brighter. Sliding patio doors consist of large panes of glass that allow for wonderful views to be enjoyed from inside your home as well as a fantastic breeze on a warm summer’s day when opened. Featuring clean minimalistic lines, patio doors offer both value and versatility. Just like classic French doors, they are available in both PVCu and aluminium in a range of different configurations and colours. Consider sliding patio doors from Quickslide if you’re looking for a wide garden door with a large glass area and minimalistic features to really open up your downstairs social space.

Bifolding doors can fit any size space

If you’re looking to create a seamless transition between the outside and inside, bi-folding doors are the ultimate way to transform your home because they are visually stunning, whilst still featuring the best of modern-day double glazing. The doors are versatile and made to measure to fit the aperture. They’re also available in configurations of 2 panels to 8 panels, making them a suitable option for small, medium and large openings and great to incorporate into any size home.

Due to the weight of the glass panels, bi-folding doors are usually only available in aluminium to guarantee strength whilst also being lightweight and smooth to transition open and close. They are considered a contemporary and modern product in a classic heritage colour but can easily fit in with a more period home.

Before choosing the right doors for you to complete your renovation, ensure that you consider your house type, project type (new build or refurbishment), size of the opening and the budget that you’re working with.