3D printing company launches bespoke service to the architecture and property developing sectors

3D printing company launches bespoke service to the architecture and property developing sectors

Faster, cheaper and more accurate than traditional models

The 3D Printers is launching its bespoke 3D printing services to the architect and property developing industry, bringing complex designs and drawings to life so clients can envisage the finished building or design.

With more than 15 years’ experience of working in the film industry, making models for over 40 movies including James Bond, Star Wars, Gravity and The Bourne Ultimatum, the attention to detail in the models produced is unparalleled when compared to traditional models of individual houses or full developments of any scale.

Another benefit to 3D printing of property designs is that it is cost effective when compared to traditional handmade models and is typically two thirds of the price. The completed product is produced in resin, making it durable enough to withstand transporting to clients and prospective purchasers.

The models can be created in layers, making it possible to remove the roof in order to show internal layouts and fixtures and fittings if required; all in high detail.

The process involves taking the original architectural drawing and creating a 3D computer file from the plans. This file is created specifically to ‘talk’ to the 3D printer, ensuring an accurate representation of the planned property in its 3D version.

The entire process can be turned around in a matter of days, depending on the complexity of the design, as the printers operate 24 hours a day.

Darren Howton, owner of The 3D Printers, explains: “we are so excited to offer our services to this very exacting industry, which demands high quality solutions to bring their imaginations to life. We have a unique offering in the UK and are at the forefront of this amazing technology.

“We are a dedicated family-run business offering a fully bespoke service from start to finish, and quality, customer service and confidentiality have been key to our reputation in the film industry. We will continue this ethos in our work in this new and exciting sector for us.”

The 3D Printers has been endorsed by architect, Leslie Hutchinson, architectural designer at Building Design Studio in West Malling, Kent, who said: “The 3D Printers were great to work with from start to finish. They really understood the brief, created an amazing computer design of the house and the finished model was exceptional.

For further information visit our website the3dprinters.co.uk or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @The3DPrintersuk or Instagram: the.3d.printers.

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