Avocet add to their stainless steel door hardware range.

Avocet add to their stainless steel door hardware range.

Pull bars are statement pieces of door furniture. They are big, bold and stunning and Avocet have a wide portfolio of stainless-steel pull bars to accommodate the current appetite for distinctive hardware.

But thanks to years of experience, Avocet have always kept their eye on the market and noticed the growing demand for homeowners looking for a more subtle interior handle alternative, preferring to have the bar as an external option only.

And so Avocet went looking for something that could fill that gap as well as being…just a little different.

Rob I’anson, Sales Director for Avocet Door and Window division, had this to say:

“We challenged ourselves to move away from our standard suited hardware and look deeper into the market to provide a solution that truly complimented an external bar system. It needed to be aesthetically pleasing but also adaptable and we’re very happy with what we’ve brough to the marketplace.”

Avocet launched their new Rose Lever hardware in January 2023 with three stunning finishes, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel and the in-demand matte black.

“The stainless-steel furniture space is changing, and we have seen a real trend towards black, so it was important that we brought that increasingly popular finish into our range,” continued Rob. “It’s really bold and looks fantastic when it’s been fitted.”

The fabricator has also been considered when it came to developing these products. In fitting with Avocets company mantra of “makes things easy” Avocet provide their rose lever hardware with a clever spindle arrangement that practically guarantees a secure handle fixing.

“The spindle has clever hooks that once wound in, hold the handle in very securely and negates any possibility of handle wobble later down the line. We know that this is something that our fabricators will appreciate,” commented Rob.

Thought has also gone into their accompanying escutcheons with a round and an oval being provided within the set. When we asked why this was, the answer once again pointed to the considered way Avocet defined their range,

“It comes down to being able to cater for aesthetics and functionality at the same time,” said Rob. “The round escutcheon is provided to match the rose lever on the interior, giving that extra finishing touch which homeowners will appreciate, and the oval escutcheon means the installer can avoid the door rebate. These may look like small considerations, but they add up to making a big difference for our customers.”

This new hardware is also complimentary to their very own Smart Bar, ARC, which was launched at the FIT show in 2022 and indeed was one of the catalysts to investing in this new range.

“There were already murmurs at FIT, that ARC, which was exceptionally well received, may benefit from having a bar/lever configuration and that’s what set us off on investigating the possibilities,” remarked Rob.

Avocet’s national team of sales managers are on the road ready to show their customers samples of this new range and have also developed a new stainless steel, Affinity Ultra brochure to include this new range as well as their regular offering. This can be downloaded from their website www.avocet-hardware.co.uk or for more information and to arrange for a personal contact, please call Avocet on 01484 725000 or email [email protected]

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