Make a brave colour choice and enjoy the appeal of a kitchen in moonlight blue

When looking for kitchen design ideas, it’s easy to play it safe with a neutral scheme, but a bold blue kitchen offers so much more. Whether you opt for mid toned, light or navy blue kitchen cabinets, follow these five steps to make sure you get the best out of this popular shade.

Step 1: Focus on colour

According to colour psychology, blue is associated with calmness, serenity and, often creativity, making it a great choice for a busy space like the kitchen. Darker blues may seem like a bold choice, but inky petrol colours are easy to work with when it comes to putting together a scheme. Starting with Moonlight Blue kitchen cabinets from Masterclass Kitchens as your focus, you could then team them with cabinets in a neutral shade, chosen from Scots Grey, Light Grey, Dust Grey or Highland Stone, and choose a worktop to add further contrast. Instead of a blank canvas, your kitchen will have a truly unique design.

Step 2: Consider traditional cabinets

If you think a deep blue door colour is too bold to work with traditional kitchen styles, put your scepticism to one side. Moonlight Blue from Masterclass Kitchens is a deep, rich and surprisingly adaptable shade. It’s guaranteed to enhance the traditional grained effect of classic Shaker Hatfield units. When paired with an island in Highland Stone and plaster-coloured walls you’ll have a rustic effect with a touch of nostalgia.

Step 3: Discuss contemporary design

Modern design enthusiasts, on the other hand, could opt for the sleek new matt finish Padstow range with hardwearing vinyl-wrapped cabinet doors. Finished in Moonlight Blue and with a marble countertop it will achieve a completely different outcome. The straight lines and minimalist design will look fresh and unmistakably modern. As a plus, this look is still easy to soften with accessories and furnishings.

Step 4: Get into the detail

Up next are the detailing and accessories which, despite being a small component, can totally alter how Moonlight Blue kitchen cabinets appear. Typically, knob or cup handles will emphasise a nostalgic kitchen look. Add an intricate cornice and brass fittings to hone in on the warm, comforting kitchen aesthetic. Extras to enhance the effect include a plate rack and wine display unit. In contrast, for a contemporary blue kitchen choose Edge pull handles and glass door panels to bring Padstow units to the cutting edge of kitchen design.

Step 5: Add show-stopping features

The best kitchen designs have a dramatic feature as a highlight to a familiar array of units. Masterclass Kitchens offers a whole range of Signature Collection pieces to help you think outside the box. For a flavour of Downton Abbey and a whole host of storage, consider a Lansbury corner pantry. It features a rounded edge, giving a traditional flavour. If you prefer cleaner lines, the Hathaway pantry contains a range of shelf options, pigeonholes, drawers and wine racks so you can match the storage to your personal preference.

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