Abode achieve carbon neutrality in support of its sustainable journey to net zero!

Abode achieve carbon neutrality in support of its sustainable journey to net zero!

As the latest market research from Statista shows most UK consumers aged 16-44 are more likely to buy from a brand with strong eco credentials, we speak with Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode, on how the company is helping to save the planet with its latest environmental and social framework…

“We believe it is our responsibility to effectively convey our commitment in these areas and as more manufacturers are investing in eco-friendly initiatives to design products, source materials and increase energy efficiency, it makes perfect sense for designers to partner with these types of brands so you can greenify your project portfolio with the introduction of recommended third-party eco credentials.

In my experience, sustainability can be used as a great USP to attract new customers and potentially reach a more environmentally aware audience who may have been previously unaware of you. In fact, a study from Simon-Kucher & Partners states 33% of UK consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services, indicating that the ethical shopper is willing to pay an average of 25% more for greener alternatives.

Solar panels at Abode headquarters in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Part of our ongoing ESG strategy and corporate responsibility to reduce and offset its emissions, 125 state-of-the-art Solar Photovoltaic Panels have been installed on one of our building’s large south-facing roofs, which offers a combined output of 50k/watt every hour. The energy generated from the newly installed Solar Panels will produce enough electricity to independently power the Barnsley site, as well as produce surplus energy during the summer months to sell back to the National Grid.

We are also really proud to announce that as part of a 2022 Scope 1 and 2 assessment on emissions, our carbon output has reduced by 60% since 2018! In March 2022, we celebrated another environmental milestone by becoming PlanetMark certified as Carbon Neutral, bolstered by our commitment to cut our carbon footprint by a further 5% by spring 2023; equating to 1.95 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent).

Abode is a Carbon Neutral Business, certified by PlanetMark

The Abode leadership team has set three SMART targets (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) as part of the carbon management plan to secure wins for our employees and the environment: Solar Energy, electrification of the company fleet to ensure that all vehicles will be hybrid or electric hybrid by 2025, reducing emissions by 51%, and an amended Business Travel Policy meaning that online conferencing will be used where practical.

With the solar panels fully functional on the roof, our next step was to install charging points for electric vehicles to ensure we can benefit from the power generated from this on-site installation. This change has helped to avoid around 17,500 kilos of CO2 emissions annually, as the company continues its journey towards Net Zero Carbon. All office lighting has been converted to LED and sensor installations to use electricity more efficiently, saving energy and helping to protect the planet.

Sustainability means more to us than just ‘green’ products, it is an integral part of how we manage our business so that we can continue to make a positive impact throughout our business, the environment and our many customers as an ethical partner of choice.

A great example of this is through our recent partnership with British Mauritian TV Chef, Restaurateur and Cookery Author, Shelina Permalloo. Working together to make the UK kitchen a healthy, safe and sustainable environment to cook in, Shelina continues to share her culinary expertise and delicious recipes with Abode customers and demonstrate why a Pronteau hot water tap is the latest must-have for the expedient home cook.

Shelina Permalloo at home with her Pronteau HotKey® Project 4 IN 1 Brushed Nickel

Our work with Shelina Permalloo continues to raise awareness on the virtues of having one of our Pronteau hot water taps in the kitchen and utility space, with a view to inspire change, and make it easy to prep, cook, eat and hydrate at home, so UK homeowners and property developers can be kinder to themselves and the planet.”

Shelina Permalloo, Brand Ambassador of Pronteau by Abode says, “My motto in life is ‘good health is about having fun, eating well and living well’ but most importantly, it’s the enjoyment of preparing, cooking and serving healthy and delicious food for you, your friends and family that won’t leave you feeling guilty. With this in mind, I am proud to be the face of Pronteau in 2023, and spread the word that a hot water tap by Abode is a stylish and safe way to elevate your home cooking.

My Pronteau has changed my life and has fast become my new favourite gadget in the kitchen for boiling, steaming and poaching ingredients, as well as making hot or filtered cold drinks at the perfect temperature. Designed with exclusive safety features and easy operation, Pronteau offers 75°C to 98°C steaming hot water on demand, saving me precious time when I need to make meals for me and my daughter in a rush! Plus, the patented HotKey technology also gives me peace of mind as I can store the HotKey fob safely out of reach and turn my Pronteau into an ordinary 3-way mixer tap, which is great when I am not home.”

Shelina is the first culinary expert to feature in the new lifestyle section, Cook with Pronteau by Abode, which offers online visitors the chance to watch, listen and learn how Pronteau really can benefit both their home and lifestyle for the better.

For further info, please contact Abode: call 01226 283 434, email [email protected], and visit www.abodedesigns.co.uk | www.pronteau.co.uk

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