Pronteau instant hot water taps for every Abode

Pronteau instant hot water taps for every Abode

We speak with Dan Biddle, Product Manager at Abode, regarding the company’s exclusive collection of Pronteau hot water taps offering a range of leading-edge styles, finishes, technical features, and fit options…

“As luxury in the home continues to be redefined by the next generation of home buyer, the desire for a convenient kitchen, which is supported by the latest multi-functional taps has become top priority. We are therefore keen to convey why Pronteau is the instant hot water tap of choice for trend-oriented design briefs that incorporate the latest technologies able to suit a wide variety of customers.

Pronteau ProTrad 4 IN 1 Antique Brass

The Pronteau difference is founded on three core lifestyle elements: a superior style, heightened level of safety and ergonomic operation. The collection sits alongside the premium range of designer sinks and taps by Abode, and offers a high-spec range of 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps to ensure we provide a fully comprehensive product offer for the UK wet zone.

In fact, breaking away from generic forms and functionality has become a key part of specifying a hot water tap, now placing new emphasis on how compatible a design is when paired with a particular interior style. So, whether your client is a traditionalist at heart, loves the evolving nature of contemporary design or prefers more industrial-style schemes, there is a Pronteau hot water tap able to complement their style of kitchen furniture, home appliance and hardware for a truly signature look.

Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Black & Brass

Ideal for homeowners who want classic style with contemporary convenience, ProTrad is available in 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models, alongside three high fashion finishes – Antique Brass, Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Quintessentially classic by design, ProTrad is designed to sit perfectly in a traditionally styled kitchen scheme and is inspired by the bestselling Astbury and Ludlow collections also by Abode.

Incorporating the look and feel of the professional kitchen has prompted a greater appetite for industrial-style interiors where mixed materials are met with more urban design qualities in the kitchen space. Upcycled raw elements and designer details are taking this type of design to the next level and knurling has become a popular technique for introducing texture into an industrial style scheme. Industria 3 IN 1 instant hot water taps capture this trend perfectly, designed with two diamond knurled lever handles and matching spout collar to provide a direct contrast between the smooth body of the tap and functional elements. The deep knurling also helps to provide extra grip if your hands are wet and soapy, and the insulated 180° swivel spout ensures maximum flexibility for the busy family kitchen or keen cook.

The ideal choice when maximising space in the kitchen, we also offer a vast range of contemporary instant hot water taps, available in 5 on-trend colourways and 2 spout choices to complement any style of home. Sleek and simple, Pronteau contemporary designs can be easily installed on an island unit or against a splashback with maximum style on a minimal footprint.

Specifying Pronteau also means no hidden costs as everything is included from the tap and boiler through to the filter cartridge (with scale control as standard) and mounting option integrated within the boiler. Flexible too, each model within the PROBOIL boiler range is compact enough to fit under a Belfast or Apron Front sink, which has become a key feature of the classic country kitchen and more recently, modern Shaker style schemes that demand the same level of functionality and design precision.

Versatile by design, Pronteau is also multi-generational thanks to a range of technologies like our patented HotKey® collection, which features a range of 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps with the young and old in mind. For instance, our HotKey® collection opens up Pronteau to a new set of homeowners living with dexterity problems or arthritis; especially when compared to competitor designs which offer a less ergonomic mode of operation. The steaming hot water is operated by a magnetic HotKey® which is placed on the front of the tap.

Pronteau Propure 4 IN 1 Urban Copper

For optimum child safety in the home, the HotKey® fob can then be hidden out of children’s reach, placed high up on a magnetic surface like an extractor or fridge-freezer, or on the back of the tap for optimum safety. Steaming hot water can only be dispensed when the HotKey is in the operating position at the front of the tap. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey® is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout and without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer tap.

As water safety continues to be the UK’s number one priority when specifying hot water taps, Pronteau taps deliver 75-98° filtered steaming hot water via a specially designed dual-stage handle as standard. Users simply push the left handle down and then pull it forward to release the steaming hot water with ease and optimum safety and control.

Quality assured, Pronteau by Abode offers a range of WRAS approved steaming hot water taps, all regulated and approved under the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme having undergone extensive testing to ensure these taps do not cause waste or undue consumption. What’s more, all components within the Pronteau hot water tap system are also WRAS approved; an essential accreditation that demonstrates Abode’s commitment to designing compliant products for the kitchens of tomorrow.”

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