ENA campus

ENA campus

ENA working campus comprised 6 buildings that represent the 6 continents of our planet. In full capacity ENA opens its doors to 3,400 people, 91 nationalities and 35 languages creating a truly multi-cultural and inspiring place to work where all employees come together to work and communicate united as “ENA”, as ONE!

Design and branding have been deployed synergistically. By balancing design, choice of materials and print finish, utilizing colour, form and texture contrast, in the context of well light, structure and space, the design team ensured that multiple brands coexist in concert while they maintain their own brand identity.

ENA is much more than just a standard working place. Translating different cultures to modern design, each building is carefully designed to bring to life the architecture and life of the continent it represents and houses ‘local’ restaurants, canteens and recreational spaces that pro- vide employees with a unique opportunity to discover different cultures, images, tastes, and traditions during a typical working day.

ENA’s surrounding grounds and communal facilities (e.g. gym, outdoors entertaining area) are carefully designed and integrated with the entire space while they offer diverse opportunities to ENA’s workforce to exercise, socialize, interact, network and relax after work. So far, the newbuilt, metal buildings of Africa, Asia, America.

Oceania and the totally renovated building of Antartica have been already delivered to the public, while the three historic, listed buildings for Europe are in the phase of design completion.




Antarctica is one of the coldest and most desolate locations on earth, a dessert of ice, much of it still unexplored even today. Yet, Antarctica is a land of beauty and unanticipated delight that has inspired us to create a space where fragments, transparencies, hue, light, reflection and reliefs coexist in an fresh and invigorating working environment.

KN Group team has chosen a building that stands by itself at the end of the campus to host this continent. To boost the usage of the building by the campus visitors and employees, a break area was created at the rooftop, overlooking a breath-taking 360o view of Athens and the Emperor’s Choice ice cream and dessert corner in the ground floor.


The building is part of the ENA campus and consists of five floors that include offices for nine different brands. Each space contains a QA, a unique custom made construction, in which the front part is used by the managers ensuring a better overview while the back can be used as a conference desk or as a training department

All interiors are inspired by several elements of the culture of different African countries. KN Group team combined and blended together patterns, colours and textures to emulate the colourful landscape of the African world. The building hosts the Afrobaba café.


Part of the ENA campus, the building consists of five floors. Serving the special requirements of the tenant, KN Group has designed a series of custom made contract furniture including FB team work desks, one to one soundproof booths as well as storage furniture styled with graphic patterns specially designed for the brand. Lastly plenty of green and secondary lighting were installed to create a warmer and friendlier working environment.

The building hosts the Spectrum café, an outdoors gym and a multifunctional outdoors recreational area were numerous tenants’s HR activities take place.


Part of ENA campus, the Asia building is hosting high technology firms of gaming, sound and vision. Designing the interior and surrounding area of the building KN Group aimed to promote a sense of balance with the old and the new, tradition and modern co-existing harmoniously together. A strong characteristic of today’s Asian living.

Objects like metal chairs and tables, electronic games and screens, bold graphics and neon lights are incorporated in the design in ways that play with the industrial and modern feel of the space. In parallel traditional elements like hand painted wooden dolls, custom made fabric lanterns, a reflexology path and melodic wind chime activate the senses and offer relaxation to visitors and employees.


ENA Campus has been awarded the BIG SEE Architecture Award 2023 – Winner, Greece, Workplace Housed in ENA, among other sites and attracting some of the big-
gest and most respectable brands around the world, Teleperformance have been repeatedly awarded as one of the best workplaces to work in Greece from Great Place to Work® .

Teleperformance Hellas was awarded in 2019 the Best Large Out- sourcing Partnership with Canon Europe at ECCCSA® award, whose operations are hosted at Asia building.

“Teleperformance, a leading global group in digitally integrated business services, announced today its award-winning multilingual-hub operations in Greece comprised of more than 8,500 people in 8 locations have received the prestigious Great Place to Work® (GPTW®) certification for the 3rd time in a row.

“As a global business analyst, I’ve tracked Teleperformance extensively for the past 15 years. Its operations in Greece are one of the more diverse and consistently successful multi-lingual hub trans-formations I’ve seen. The campuses are world-class and reflect the intense ‘people-care’ focus Teleperformance is known for in the industry…””


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