MID (Millennium Interior Designers) are one of the most renowned and exclusive Interior Designers and Development Managers in South East London.

MID believe that honesty and the pursuit of perfection in every aspect of a design project is essential. MID’s projects covering interior design and development for residential and commercial projects.

MID have a genuine commitment to create the best design for their clients and to produce great work, on time and on budget. MID take’s brief of their clients wishes and dreams and turn them to reality.

A Client in Canary – Wharf approached MID to design a home for his family. As a very busy entrepreneur who had not the time nor inclination to design his own; MID were commissioned and given a relative free hand to produce a comfortable home but designed with elegance & class; considering that this was a turn-key project and a surprise to his wife and children. MID had to use a lot of phycology in predetermining the client wishes and desires for rich perfection. MID accomplished this by using natural marble and a verity of clean backdrops, paints from Farrow & Balls and rich wall covering from Osborne & Little to add a dash of class. This client was very delighted with the outcome of the re-designed house and so was his delighted wife and children on the day of handover

Most of MID’s clients come from good and solid relationships with previous clients and their referrals.

MID is proud of what they do, often exceeding clients expectations. MID believes above all to give total loyalty and solid commitment, MID is passionate about their work.

MID are becoming known for achieving specific clean design targets. MID reinvent their designs and do their best not to become repetitious with their unique design, MID also believe passionately in transparency where it comes to budget without hiding costs. 
MID is a, honest, loyal and competitive company, whiles at the same time innovative

MID is a small practice with a strong team who takes responsibility for the project from start to finish. Every project undertaken is managed by MID’s senior designer, Sharrina Agese who puts transparency & honesty with clients as top and paramount to herself and her team works ethics.

Let MID create your perfect project or home; contact us today on 02088549868

visit our website www.midesigners.co.uk or email [email protected]2 Lounge a AFTER