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Two Millennials in Rural Dorset rediscover art of cabinet making & provide a very 21st century twist

Jamie and Rhiannon are a young couple who’ve set up a bespoke handmade kitchen and furniture making business on the borders of rural Dorset and Somerset.  They work out of one of the old, once derelict, farm buildings on a picturesque dairy farm which they have turned into a buzzing workshop where they take locally sourced material and turn it into beautiful cabinets, wardrobes and handmade kitchens for their clientele.  In these days of “off the shelf” kitchens they are appealing to a more discerning market who value a piece that has been thought about, crafted and designed for their particular space.

Surface Design Show 2018 – The Best Yet Over 5,000 visitors saw the best and most tactile in new surfaces

Last week saw the return of Surface Design Show to London’s Business Design Centre, where more than 170 exhibitors from 15 countries showcased the very best in exterior and interior surface materials and treatments.

Here is a round-up of the key facts and figures from the biggest Surface Design Show to-date.

VELUX® launches MyDaylight – the world’s first virtual reality app for renovation design

The app enables homeowners to design their own room, visualising the real effect of daylight, with 3600 view and virtual reality options.

MyDaylight is a powerful new app by VELUX that enables homeowners to design their own room or renovation project by easily selecting parameters such as floor dimensions, roof height and ceiling pitch. They can then customise further by adding windows, floor and wall finishes, the room’s location, and more. After approximately ten minutes, they receive a digital simulation which can be viewed in 3600 or virtual reality, and gives a life-like recreation of the room and the changing effects of daylight inside.

The app bridges a gap, leading homeowners from imagination to implementation: “Many people who are looking to reshape their home find it difficult moving from imagination to concrete proposals. The app brings homeowners one step closer to the home they have envisioned, as the 3600 and virtual reality visualisations make it both tangible and achievable,” says Grant Sneddon, Daylight Expert, VELUX.


The Brushed Gold InSinkErator® L Shape 3N1 steaming hot water tap has won the highly sought after gold award in the Best Household Appliance category at the House Beautiful Awards 2017.

Celebrity gardener and broadcaster David Domoney hosted the 13th annual House Beautiful Awards, with musical support from Michael G. Moore, the Piano Man. The House Beautiful Awards 2017 celebrated the best home products and retailers of the year with the winners announced on Thursday 16th November at the IET London.

Instantly dispensing filtered steaming hot water safely, alongside regular hot and cold options, the WRAS approved Brushed Gold L Shape 3N1 from InSinkErator® completely eliminates the time and energy lost waiting for the kettle to boil, while saving valuable worktop space. The innovative hot water tank, supplied with an InSinkErator® 3N1, features a digital, adjustable thermostat, enabling users to set the desired temperature of the water between 88 and 98°C.


InSinkErator®, the inventor and global market leader of food waste disposers, and a leading player in steaming hot water taps, has appointed Marco Pastore to Product Manager, Europe and Russia.

Marco has a Master’s degree in International Marketing, specialising in project management and is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English. He joins InSinkErator® with a wide-range of experience gained from the chemical industry in Egypt through to telecommunications where he began as Product Manager, rising to Assistant Manager.  Marco was responsible for the product development of a portfolio of mobile devices from their initial design, manufacturing and logistics, right through to customer service.  His selling remit extended to Central America, while co-ordinating manufacturing in China.


InSinkErator®, the global leader and inventor of the food waste disposer, and major player in the steaming hot water tap market, has published a new brochure, which details its premium and exclusive Showroom Collection.

The Showroom Collection is exclusively available to premium kitchen retailers and includes high quality, statement pieces for the kitchen, incorporating the brand new Rose Gold J Shape 3N1 steaming hot water tap. The full Showroom Collection range is available through exclusive distribution partners and has been created and designed for kitchen showrooms.

Available in both digital and print formats, the new, full colour, InSinkErator® brochure is designed to support kitchen retailers at the point of sale; with all the need to know product information and how the products can benefit their customer’s homes.

Concrete homes: Are they back in fashion?

In the past 100 years, the British public have developed a love-hate relationship with concrete.

We say “concrete monstrosity” to describe an unpleasant, soulless place; and “concrete jungle” to describe a stressful, grey cityscape with no fresh air or green spaces.

Doesn’t sound exciting, does it? But concrete has already come to our nation’s aid twice in the last century, firstly during the 1930s housing shortage and the resulting Brutalist movement; followed by New Town construction and post-war prefab homes in the 1950s. Today we’re seeing many architects and homeowners taking a fresh look at the benefits of building homes with concrete, to fit today’s lifestyles.

In a recent study, HomeProtect analysed data from home insurance quotes given on the HomeProtect website to see who lives in concrete homes today and where those homes are.

Britain’s concrete homes

You might assume that most concrete homes would be found in the New Towns, such as Northampton and Basildon.

Poor home design contributing to the UK’s winter blues

A lack of consideration for natural daylight in home design is depriving UK homeowners of natural daylight during the winter and contributing to the winter blues, according to new research by VELUX®.

Half (50%) of UK homeowners feel that they do not have enough daylight in their lives during the winter months, according to the results of a survey by VELUX. Around the same number say that this lack of exposure to natural daylight negatively impacts their mood during the winter.

The lack of exposure to natural daylight is due to our increased reliance on spending time indoors. The survey reveals that almost half (43%) of homeowners typically spend two hours a day more outside at weekends during the summer than they do during the winter.

Will these 4 future materials change construction?

Architects and engineers have always created new and innovative ways of building stronger, taller, and more beautiful structures, using leading-edge materials such as glass curtain walls and earthquake-proof foundations.

Now, in 2017, what construction technologies are in the pipeline? Will there come a time when autonomous nanobots replace construction crews? Will the cracks in concrete heal themselves? Will electric cars travel on self-charging roads, eliminating the need for petrol stations?

Below are four future construction materials that could change the way construction is carried out.


Tenebris Lab launch LUX Walker 1.3 ; fully immersive, interactive virtual reality design software for architects, designers, and people who work with 3D data.

Imagine joining a virtual meeting with your client in another part of the world, to walk-through and interact with a true-to-life-scale model of your design, from your desk. With one click.

LUX Walker enables multiple people to join a virtual meeting, walk through and interact with each other in the same virtual design model, from anywhere in the world. Users can present and sell their design to clients, or use LUX Walker as a workflow tool to collaborate with team members, mark-up design improvements and export beautiful 3D renders.