Entering its fourth year, 3D Printshow London is a unique event in which 3D printing is celebrated, showcased and explained. The flagship event will be an all encompassing event, giving a true overview of the many facets of 3D printing AKA additive manufacturing in 2015. Not only will you discover a showfloor packed with the biggest names in 3D printing, special features to see the latest applications of the revolutionary tech but also a full conference program to be inspired and educated.

Featuring content that ranges from high-end industry, business, and manufacturing to medicine, fashion and art & design – 3D Printshow offers something for everyone.

3D printing revealed

Malmo City planning

3D Printshow hosts exhibitors from leading companies in software and design, scanners, hardware (printers) and all the associated materials and services in 3D printing. There will be a diverse and varied collection of participants with brands from around the world offering a complete overview of this tech. BigRep opens the gateway to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing by having the biggest FDM 3D-Printer on the market with its 1.3m3. Ultimaker offers the possibility of printing larger objects while keeping the size of the printer to a minimum with its desktop printers. BQ is an end-to-end company as it designs, manufactures and distributes electronic devices. Verbatim creates top-grade 3D printing filament, manufactured to very tight tolerances.

Take the opportunity to meet, network and dig a little deeper with the people who make this tech so fascinating and mind blowing. Learn first hand what it is that makes these companies so special and discover how they can help transform your business.

Dedicated conferences

Purmundus 3D Printed Lamps

3D Printshow offers a number of exclusive and revolutionary conferences with world-renowned speakers sharing their knowledge and insight. Why not attend one of the Design conferences to discover the latest applications and uses of 3D printing.

Thursday 21 May:
Materials and Properties for Print: Recognising the Material Properties for 3D Printing Applications

Different machines use different materials, and for each application there stands a particular set of physical requirements. The properties of materials themselves are important for product development; however, the way that these properties change through printing is even more critical. This session explains why.

Friday 22 May:
Design: Parameters, Products and Projects: Navigating the Design Applications for 3D Printing
Through interior and product design, the potential that 3D printing has already provided is changing the way designers approach aesthetic and functional challenges. This session invites a number of key individuals from London’s exciting design scene to discuss these developments and more.

Saturday 23 May:
Newcomer: Britain’s 3D Printing Community: The Who, How and Where of 3D Printing in the UK
Engaging with 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology also means engaging with its national community. This session will offer an access point for newcomers to the tech, outlining the who, how and where of 3D printing’s focus in the UK.

3D Printshow will be held on 21-23 May, in London’s Old Truman Brewery. For more information and to buy your tickets, visit