Hagedornhagen Creates Art Installation with Kasper Eistrup and more

During the forthcoming northmodern trade show on 13-15 August, Hagedornhagen will present a unique art installation in collaboration with fashion brand Han Kjøbenhavn, furniture designer Morten Voss, artist Kasper Eistrup and design agency Kontrapunkt.

The two photographers behind Hagedornhagen have invited four of the most important and trendsetting names at the moment to participate in the art installation ‘the moment 2015’, which will be placed in the northmodern GALLERY together with many other exciting projects of a national and international nature.

The participating artists and designers are each contributing with a work that stands on its own while also being considered part of the overall installation. Thus, ‘the moment 2015’ will comprise an artwork by the artist Kasper Eistrup, classics from the furniture designer Morten Voss, a video installation by the fashion brand Han Kjøbenhavn and graphics from the design agency Kontrapunkt, while Hagedornhagen is exhibiting a unique still life.

“northmodern looks forward to welcoming buyers and visitors to a fair with a wealth of interesting special projects, and Hagedornhagen’s project in particular is interesting because it brings the various industries – fashion, art, design and furniture – together, and thus helps to showcase Copenhagen as the strong design destination it has become,” says Kristian W. Andersen, fashion and design director at CIFF and northmodern.

The focal point of the installation is the way modern man craves to be kept up to date with the latest developments while at the same time wanting to live in the present, and the installation can thus be seen as a snapshot of contemporary society.

“With this gigantic art installation, we want to focus on the present, to create space for concentration and to allow time to stand still for a brief moment in a context where it is otherwise all about moving onwards. At the same time, by bringing these five trendsetters together, we can provide a glimpse of the future. It will be a mirror on the dilemma of modern man, who wants to stay in the present while also yearning to be at the threshold of and heading into the future. In this way, we become part of the dilemma we create for ourselves, which emphasises the transient nature of life,” says Anders Morell, creative director at Hagedornhagen.

The participating artists and designers represent five creative directions which are all a large part of the general lifestyle scene in Denmark right now and which are important elements in modern daily life and how people perceive themselves. Hagedornhagen’s idea with the installation is to break away from the traditional boundaries between art, fashion and design and create a unique experience using the best in Denmark.

“What is interesting about placing the installation at northmodern in a context where everything is about the next season, new trends and products which have to be sold are the synergies which arise between the commercial and the unique. Both parts are important parameters which all creative players have to strike a balance between. The trendsetters we have worked with on the installation master this balance beautifully,” explains Anders Morell.

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