Seek Thermal’s Award-Winning Thermal Image Smartphone Accessory Launches in Europe

Top European distributor Kondor leading sales and channel management for Seek Thermal across new markets

Through a partnership with Kondor, Seek Thermal, creators of heat seeking thermal imaging smart tools designed for consumer and commercial applications that save energy, time, and improve safety, announced that after winning the CE Week Innovation Zone Technovation Award and the Prism Award for Imaging & Cameras, their thermal image smartphone camera is now available in Europe and the UK.

The Seek Thermal Compact and Compact XR plug directly into an iOS or Android smartphone to enable anyone to use thermal imaging in their day to day lives through a free app. With the ability to see thermal infrared heat, users can track energy inefficiencies in the home, such as leaky windows and doors and missing insulation. The Seek thermal Compact XR can measure temperature at advanced ranges and the Seek Thermal Compact is perfect for use in the home.

“Seek Thermal was started with the mission to bring thermal imaging to everyone,” said Tracy Benson, VP Global Marketing at Seek Thermal. “Through our new partnership with Kondor in Europe, we now have the opportunity to reach the millions of people across the globe in Europe with our thermal image technology that is becoming a must-have smart tool for the home.”

“Kondor continues to champion premium brands from around the world, and we are delighted to begin a partnership with Seek Thermal,” said Rob Haycock, Commercial Director, Kondor. “The support and services that Kondor can offer will allow a new reach for Seek Thermal imagers that are revolutionising the tools that everyday people can access.”

Traditionally, thermal cameras costing several thousand dollars and up have been used by firefighters, law enforcement and the military to see through smoke or in complete darkness. Seek Thermal has pioneered the next generation of thermal imaging technology sized and priced for the everyday consumer.  The camera weighs only 0.5 ounces and creates true thermal images with a resolution of 206 x 156, or over 32,000 thermal pixels.

Watch a Seek Thermal product in action here.

Seek Thermal Compact RRP: £224.00

Seek Thermal Compact XR RRP: £259.00

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