Recent research from Sainsbury’s Home Insurance has indicated that over a third of homeowners were now opting for a home extension rather than moving to a new property. And with garage conversions proving to be a popular option for homeowners looking to extend, Yorkshire-based concrete garage specialists, Dencroft, discuss the new demand, and how the perceptions of garages has changed over the past few years.

Phil Denton, director of Dencroft, said:

“Over the past few years, particularly since the recession hit the UK, we have seen a lot more people opting to refurbish and extend their current property, rather than seek to move elsewhere. That’s down to a range of factors, perhaps due to the lack of disposable income available or the fact that a lot of people didn’t want to increase their mortgage at such an uneasy time. But it’s now been seen as an extremely positive thing, with a lot of property experts now suggesting that a standard concrete garage is actually adding more value to a person’s home than they actually think.

“One reason as to why the perceptions around concrete garages has changed is arguably down to interior and architecture websites, TV shows and magazines. Shows such as Grand Designs have paved the way for modern day homeowners to refurbish, extend and redevelop their homes and it’s for that reason as to why the idea of a garage to store a car is becoming a thing of the past. According to RAC Insurance 62% of homeowners in the UK do not use their garage to store their cars, and that’s why people are now looking to convert it into a new useable, because it’s a cheaper option than building a conservatory, or extending on the rear of the property. On average, a new Dencroft single-car garage costs between £1,500 to £2,500, whilst a two-car garage costs between £2,000 and £4,000, both of which are more cost effective than a house extension.


“New living spaces such as a home office, gym or utility room are becoming increasingly popular throughout homes in the UK, and that’s because concrete garages are extremely adaptable and can be transformed into a contemporary and stylish environment that meets the requirement of modern day family living.”

Dencroft, who are based in Batley, West Yorkshire, has been providing their services in the garage industry to commercial and domestic properties all across the UK for over 65 years.

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