Owner in Cape Town raffles her property to help children with life threatening cancer

The owner of a Villa in Cape Town, South Africa has decided to sell her Villa in a very special way; as she has agreed to provide her property for a raffle and donating the outstanding surplus from the raffle to ‘Little Fighters Cancer Trust’ in Cape Town.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a charity who care for children with Cancer in South Africa and everyday they work tirelessly to gather funds to improve the little cancer fighter’s lives, and in some cases, to assist them in the quality of their life to a dignified end.

For € 119 volunteers can reserve a ticket and stand a chance to become the new owner of the Villa and in so doing they will also support the Little Fighters.

There are only 9999 tickets, which have been made available. It gives volunteers a much greater chance of winning than most other raffles.

This is a Legal Austrian private raffle, which is approved and overseen by an attorney at law and trustee Dr. Christa Kohl-Rupp in Austria.

Anyone who has reserved a ticket is welcome to attend the live Draw in Austria or to view the Draw via YouTube.

The lucky winner of the 3 en-suite bedroom Villa, which will be fully furnished, will get other promotional prizes in addition included two return flights to Cape Town and an all-inclusive stay for 7 days together with a tour guide to view the Cape and the Winelands, plus the option of a Bonus 3 day Safari Tour.

Cape Town in South Africa is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world with it’s Table Mountain, which is formally inaugurated as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature.

Volunteers who would like to participate and support “Little Fighters Cancer Trust” can browse to www.123property.eu and select this Villa.
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