AQUALUX launch AQUA 25

A New Sleek Low Profile Shower Tray Collection.

The Fetim Group constantly monitor market and design trends. Current market forecasts value the UK shower tray market at £37million. 25mm high trays have been on the market for just over three years and have very quickly established themselves across the trade and retail markets, with predicted growth to 30%.

The company believe the growth in the low profile sector is due to the demand from consumers for a wet room look or those wanting the walk in shower effect in their homes.  In response to the growing trend for a wet room look and the shift towards low profile trays Fetim UK have launched an extensive range of stylish 25mm low profile shower trays under the Aqualux brand.

Fetim’s product development team researched the best possible manufacturers that deliver both the quality, durability and design aesthetics that will meet all customer expectations, both from a budget perspective and performance.

Aqualux new 25 mm sleek low profile shower trays are technically advanced, particularly with regard to water drainage which makes them suitable for use with all shower types including power showers.  They have under gone rigorous testing. The trays have been designed with a dedicated high flow, self cleaning vortex waste unit which is engineered to drain water away quickly and efficiently. All of the trays have been tested and have a flow rate of over 33 litres per minute.

Aqualux 25 low profile trays are manufactured in the UK from the finest natural raw materials. There are no plastics or acrylics used in the construction of the trays just 100% pure natural stone resin. Each of the shower tray ranges within the collection have a tough high gloss get coat surface adding durability and making them easy to clean.

Launching three new contemporary designs, positioned in terms of good, better and best. The Aqualux 25 UK Collection is available in a choice of nearly 70 different sizes, which are suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

AQUA25 Sphere, an attractive 25mm minimalist  shower tray with its own dedicated high flow 90mm chrome dome waste unit. It is available in 20 different sizes ranging from 800 x 800mm to 1700 x 900mm. AQUA25 Sphere has been designed for ultra low profile fitting but also has both a leg and panel set option for easy fit installation.  Compatible waste is available separately.


AQUA25 Reflection, offers more advanced design technology. At 25mm high this product can be fitted as a normal shower tray or flush with the tiled floor for level threshold entry, making it suitable for wheelchair access. Tastefully designed with a centrally located waste to give a symmetrical look, together with shallow fall angles create a virtually flat surface and provides a genuine wet room alternative without the associated costs and fitting issues.


Available in a wide choice of sizes giving the customer greater flexibility to make the most of the accessible space. Shower tray dimensions range from 800 x 800mm to 1700 x 900mm in square, rectangle and quadrant shape designs. High flow vortex waste included.

AQUA25 Definition offers market leading design features in water entry and capture. It is beneath the unique 75 x 300mm stainless steel flush fitting waste grid that the superior technology of the tray is employed. Advanced micro water management directs the water flow at the correct velocity through a unique waster flange; effectively the water is drawn from the surface of the tray by the vortex created within the waste unit.   The practically flat surface allows the shower tray to be installed flush to the floor for threshold entry and like AQUA25 Reflection is suitable for wheelchair access. Available in sizes from 900 x 900mm to 1700 x 900mm.


The AQUA25 Definition shower tray is elegantly designed providing a modern timeless look.  With its sophisticated sharp, clean linear shape, and integral stylishly grate that has incredible drainage capacity it is the ultimate choice.

The new Aqualux 25mm low profile shower tray collection is available in square, rectangle, quadrant and off-set quadrant designs providing real choice to the consumer. Manufactured in the UK, from 100% stone resin the shower trays are tested to over 33 litres per minute.

They fully comply with EN274 European standard flow rates. Aqualux shower trays are supplied with a tough and repairable gel coat surface and come with a 12 year guarantee.