Save space and time with the new Hilti firestop cast-in device

Hilti has launched the new CFS-CID Firestop cast-in device for new construction in-situ concrete slabs, featuring a thinner, more powerful integrated firestop collar to allow greater tolerances around pipes and a smaller footprint for unmatched versatility.

Part of the company’s extensive range of ETA-approved firestop products, it is available in four sizes covering a range of pipe diameters from 40-160mm, and has a standard height of 250mm.

Modular 150mm extension tubes can be securely attached to increase the height of the cast-in device for use in thicker slabs, these can be stacked and cut to achieve any required elevation.

An external thread gives a secure connection to the lid and the ability to add CFS-CID accessories, including a manifold adapter to create a 280x280mm square opening which creates a 75mm void ideal for pipe junctions, manifold or elbows.

Designed to work around rebar and to install pipes closer together if required, multiple devices can be clicked together with zero separation. Notches on the base also allow for easy set out on formwork.

Fastening is possible with nails or a direct fastening tool, and inspection can be carried out visually after the concrete is poured based on a clear red footprint.

The CFS-CID can be used with wastewater, cooling, heating and drinking water pipes, across a wide variety of plastic pipe materials.

Daniel Romero Cordoba, Northern Europe Product Manager (Chemicals) for Hilti, said: “Based on customer feedback we set out to create the easiest to install firestop cast-in device with the smallest footprint available on the market – and that’s precisely what the CFS-CID delivers.

Hilti has also launched Firestop Selector to help customers choose the best firestop solution for the job. Available at, the user can select penetration type, base material and penetrating services and the software will generate the suitable products to meet the application requirements.

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