The beauty of back-to-wall baths from Waters Baths of Ashbourne

From Waters Baths of Ashboroune’s i-Line range, the back-to-wall: River, left;
Strait, top right; Loche, right centre; and Cove, bottom right are priced around £1,795

Discover the stylish practicality of Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s beautiful back-to-wall baths, which have been designed to replicate the luxurious aesthetic of a freestanding tub while benefitting from the incredible flexibility offered by a premium, back-to-wall model.

From the clean, contemporary lines of the stunning River and Loche, to the uber sleek styling of the Strait, and curvaceous form of the Cove, Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s back-to-wall baths have been designed to suit every style of home. A popular choice for those with bijoux bathrooms, these beautifully designed baths make the best of small spaces with sizes starting from just 1600mm long.

These four stunning back-to wall baths are part of the brand’s beautifully designed i-Line collection, which combines expert craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing techniques and materials. Designed to create the wow factor in your luxury bathroom, each model is constructed using just one piece of super sleek, glossy white Lucite acrylic. This creates a seamless, minimalist design, with no unsightly joint line or flapping panels, which sets them apart from the two-piece back-to-wall baths on the market.

Perfect for family life and luxurious, boutique, hotel-style bathrooms, the double-ended Loche, River, Strait and Cove feature handy back shelves, which allow you to store and display toiletries and other essentials that will enhance your bathing experience even further. Incredibly flexible, Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s back-to-wall models can be fitted with a choice of bath fillers, from wall, overflow waste, bottom and ceiling to help you create your dream bathroom.

Like all the baths in the i-Line collection, these back-to-wall models, priced around £1,795, feature a slender 20mm profile edge, which increases their internal bathing space without impacting their external footprint. Made for long, luxurious soaks, the baths’ tactile, glossy white finish is warm to the touch. Lucite acrylic is also hardwearing, resistant to chemicals, UV and abrasion, making it the material of choice for many.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s director Anthony Smith says: “Combining beauty with incredible functionality, the back-to-wall baths in our i-Line range make a stylish and practical addition to every bathroom and are designed for those looking for a luxurious bathing experience.”

Technical information:

The double-ended back-to-wall River bath measures 1600mmL by 750mmW by 580mmH and has a

249-litre capacity.

The double-ended Strait bath measures 1660mmL by 800mmW by 580mmH and has a maximum

capacity of 289 litres.

The double-ended Loche bath measures 1660mL by 800mmW by 565mmH and has a maximum

capacity of 276 litres.

The double-ended Cove bath measures 1700mmL by 800mmW by 580mmH and has a maximum

capacity of 265 litres.


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