IntelliHeat, market leaders for over a decade

IntelliHeat, market leaders for over a decade

Our smart electric radiators  are based on a direct heat principle but equipped with a number of key technological innovations that are particular to the range and do not appear in any competitor products, amongst other things this includes:

  • ACS (Advanced condensing technology) – This is key to the function of our systems, effectively the thermodynamic fluid within the radiators is continuously changing from liquid to gas and back again, this internal cyclical condensing flow complements the energy draw of the embedded element to deliver a highly efficient heating system which has no resemblance to a panel heater system.
  • An energy regulator (a TRIAC system), the energy regulator works with the inbuild temperature sensors to calculate the exact electric draw requirements to achieve the programmed temperature within the room, this means you completely eliminate energy waste as the temperature sensors are accurate to within 0.1 degrees as such they are able to begin a slowdown of the energy draw before reaching set temperature. This again is a critical difference between our products and a panel heater, effectively a 2KW panel heater is 100% efficient as you put it, i.e.: if it’s a 2KW it will either draw 2KW, or its off and draws nothing; our systems do not operate in this manner, a 2KW will draw 2KW when you first activate the heater, but once the heater has begun heating up it regulates its consumption in function of a number of variables including room temperature, radiator temperature and energy already stored within the elements (i.e. a 2KW IntelliHeat radiator will at times draw 2KW, other times draw 1KW and even at times draw 400watts in function of what is actually needed for the room to reach/ remain at the set temperature).

 Testing and EcoDesign certification

In terms of testing, our products carry the highest rating for energy efficiency on the French market, i.e. the NF Electricite performance 3* eye rating,  EcoDesign Lot 20 compliance of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, all space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU will need to comply with a minimum efficiency standard. Intelli heat smart radiators generate approximately 30% energy savings for a user for the same heat requirements as compared to other storage heaters systems.

All IntelliHeat products are further entirely compliant with:

I sense wifi Smart electric Radiators By Intelli Heat

  • EcoDesign Lot 20 compliance, legislation 2018
  • Building regs Part L2a compliance (requirement to have a minimum of 2 zones programmed for the property to ensure energy efficiency).
  • And the New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012 Acoustic & Visual signal for impaired when switching On & Off. Amendment dated 30 September 2016.
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