Transform your bathroom into a spa-style sanctuary with Waters Baths of Ashbourne

The back-to-wall Loche bath, £1,595, left; freestanding Ellipse bath, £2,295, top right;
Breeze bath, £2,295, centre right; and Spa bath, £1,795, bottom right

Inject sophisticated style into your bathroom while creating a calm, tranquil haven in which to relax and rejuvenate with luxury bath specialist Waters Baths of Ashbourne, whose stunning, freestanding and back-to-wall baths will help you create a truly indulgent spa-style bathroom.

Organic shapes and luxurious materials such as matt stone will introduce a more natural look and feel to your luxury bathroom and will instantly make you feel as though you are pampering yourself in your favourite spa. Part of Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s Elements collection of premium stone baths, the curvaceous, freestanding Breeze and Ellipse tubs boast soft, rounded corners and have been carefully designed to provide maximum bathing comfort. Stone is also a real delight to the skin and helps to retain heat, allowing you to lie back, relax and enjoy deeply immersed, warm soaks for longer.

Creating a calm and tranquil environment that evokes a feeling of wellness is key to any spa-style space and choosing products that bring comfort and beauty to your bathroom is essential. Aptly named, the freestanding Spa bath from Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s i-Line collection features gentle curves and raised ends for extra support. Like the Spa tub, the back-to-wall Loche bath, which replicates the look and feel of a freestanding model, is made from Lucite acrylic, a strong, durable and luxuriously tactile material. Part of Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s Natura collection, this exquisite double-ended bath features a minimal back shelf so you can keep your toiletries, a luxurious scented candle, or even a hydrating drink close to hand while giving yourself the spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s director Anthony Smith says: “A contemporary, freestanding tub is top of most people’s wishlists when they are looking to transform their bathroom into a haven of relaxation. With our incredible portfolio of stone and Lucite acrylic baths, you’ll be spoilt for choice when creating your own relaxing retreat.”

Additional information:

The freestanding Breeze bath measures 1720mmL by 830mmW by 650mmH and has a maximum capacity of 250 litres.

The freestanding Ellipse bath measures 1760mmL by 820mmW by 540mmH and has a maximum capacity of 290 litres.

With a maximum capacity of 276 litres, the back-to-wall Loche bath measures 1660mL by 800mmW by 565mmH.
The Spa bath comes in two sizes: 1540mmL by 750mmW by 660mmH with a 231-litre capacity and 1670mmL by 790mmW by 660mmH with a 265-litre capacity.