Two Floor Lift for Statfold Barn Railway

Home to one of the largest collections of narrow gauge locomotives in the UK, Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth in Staffordshire is a special place for railway enthusiasts. Statfold Barn Railway hold a number of ‘enthusiast days’ every year where attendees can enjoy seeing classic locomotive machines at these special events.

To aid access to both floors of the building, the organisation recently contacted Invalifts to speak with one of their platform lift experts and get a recommendation for a suitable lift. Invalifts were able to supply and install a bespoke MC2000 platform lift which was customised to exactly meet the customer’s requirements.

Due to the placing of the lift, an open through configuration was decided on, so that the doors on each floor open on opposite sides of the lift shaft.

Fully glazed doors and shaft were chosen to maximise light through the lift whilst giving users a great view as they travel between floors.

The lift shaft size was kept to a minimum, with a footprint of just 1250mm x 1560mm, whilst still delivering a Part M compliant platform size of 1120mm x 1480mm. To match the building environment, the shaft was colour matched to a beautiful ivory colour, whilst the platform itself has a chequer plate, hard wearing floor.

Finally, to minimise building disruption, no 60mm recess was required under the shaft, as the lift was supplied with a small ramp at the lower level, with the unit being fixed securely to the concrete floor. Statfold Barn Railway looks forward to many years of enabling access to all floors with their beautiful new lift.

To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.