Four Eco-Friendly Window Blinds for a Greener Home @apolloblindsHQ

Window coverings that are kinder to the environment are becoming a top priority amongst UK homeowners¹, according to one the UK’s largest networks of window blinds, curtains and shutters retailers –

Apollo Blinds highlights that customers are becoming more conscious about the environmental impact of what they buy and use in their homes, which has led the company to introduce a number of products with impressive eco credentials to its already extensive ranges.

“We’re responding to a macro trend – a monumental movement towards eco-friendly interior design,” explains Matt Thomas, design director at Apollo Blinds.

“Apollo Blinds is staying at the forefront of eco-friendly window blind technology, by continually adding innovative, environmentally-sound products to its collections.

In a bid to address the growing amount of plastic in the ocean, we now stock window blinds that are made from recovered ocean plastic. We’ve extended our Duette® energy saving range to include fabrics made from recycled textiles, as well as those manufactured from sustainable sources. In addition, we also have solar powered blinds, as well as a blind-making service that can recycle pre-loved fabrics into made to measure window blinds.

“All are delivered with Apollo’s quality assurance and the care and attention to detail that guarantees an expertly crafted window blind, fitted to the homeowner’s exact specifications.”

Window Blinds Made from Recovered Shoreline Plastic


Greenscreen Sea-Tex blinds are now available from Apollo Blinds. They utilise recycled plastic, retrieved from beaches, remote coastlines and inland waterways, transforming it into a long-lasting high-performance roller blind fabric. Greenscreen Sea-Tex fabric is energy-efficient, filters sunlight and is fully recyclable. It’s also PVC free.

Fifty per cent of the fabric’s weight is recovered ocean plastic. Available in five neutral semi-transparent shades, prices start at £114 for a Greenscreen Sea-Tex blind.

Energy Saving Blinds Made from Recycled and Sustainable Fabrics.


“With their unique honeycomb structure, Duette® energy-saving blinds can help homeowners to achieve a more energy-efficient home, saving up to 25% on annual heating costs.

“Within the collection, Duette® Relife blinds are a type of Duette® blinds fabric manufactured using recycled polyester fibres from recycled textiles.

“Increased sales of our Duette® Architella® shades, with a double honeycomb structure and even stronger energy saving properties, prove there’s also a shift to homeowners investing in high quality, performance products for longevity.”

Duette® blinds from Apollo Blinds – prices start from £86 for a 400mm x 600mm window blind from Apollo Blinds.

Recycle Pre-loved Curtains into Stylish Blinds

“Curtains can become worn around the edges but if the fabric is otherwise intact, there’s an opportunity for customer to recycle these well-loved household textiles into gorgeous window blinds, using our You Choose window blinds making service. It’s something we’re seeing more frequently and is great for the environment.”


The Apollo Blinds You Choose service starts from £100 for 650mm x 950mm for a Curtain and £123 for a Roman blind 650mm x 950mm.

Solar Powered Blinds

“Apollo’s solar powered roof blinds operate by harnessing energy from the sun via a discreet solar panel on the window side of the blind, which charges the battery during daylight hours.

“The blinds are fully motorised for ease of use, yet without any added electricity consumption. They’re ideal for insulating windows and for light control in hard to reach areas.”


Prices start at £307 for a solar powered Bloc blind by Apollo Blinds.