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CT1 – The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive

Introducing TRIBRID® Technology, the latest technology for the construction and building industry. 

Often new technology in the construction world centres around new technology in software and robotics. Developments such as building information modelling, project management software, drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality (MR) and BIM mobile apps.

NEW Online Technical Presentation – All you need to know about Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers @RECOUP_WWHRS

Recoup WWHRS have released their NEW Online Technical Presentation,, to provide you with everything you need to know about Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS). An ideal tool for learning more from home during these uncertain times for both new build and retrofitting. With waste water heat recovery also named in both options of the consultation for updating Part L in 2020 it is a perfect point to ensure you know how WWHRS can benefit your project.

The presentation content has been developed to provide all project sectors and types with relevant information. Building upon a base of core content which will introduce all the key things you need to know about WWHRS. The presentation is built on an interactive platform allowing you to choose you own learning journey and focus upon what is important for your project requirements and individual needs.

Protecting your van and its contents from thieves @moneybarnUK

Charles Stubbings, Account Manager, Moneybarn

The UK construction industry have been advised to start returning to work, so the locked-up vans and tools will finally be getting some use.

Over 32,000 vans have been reported stolen in the UK since 2015 – with the latest figures showing a 45% increase in thefts on 4 years ago.

On top of the rise in commercial vehicle thefts, the contents of vans are often also targeted. Analysis by the ECIC shows tool theft from vans has jumped 55% in the last year.

To help keep your vehicle and its contents safe, Moneybarn has put together a handy guide on how to deter thieves and protect your valuables during lockdown.


This month sees the launch of two products that make creative garden construction a breeze.

Millboard, the company behind the premium outdoor flooring, has added to their impressive range with two new products that make decking frustrations a thing of the past: DuoSpan and DuoLift.

DuoSpan is a unique landscape construction frame that combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This combination enables distinctive design opportunities for decking and outdoor structures that would be impossible with conventional subframes.

DuoSpan provides the perfect subframe for Millboard decking and is also a universal support system for other types of outdoor flooring, cladding and more ambitious outdoor constructions.

The Importance of Active Leak Stopping @DeltaMembranes

For anyone in a non-technical sense to fully appreciate the nature and risks associated with water ingress in below ground structures, we invite you to read this paper to gain an understanding of substructure waterproofing and the importance of remedial action.   Potential consequences of active leaks are numerous, from cost for remedial works to reduction in building life cycle.

Sources of external water such as a high or rising water table, river, extreme weather, tidal changes, poorly drained soil, defective drains can all result in water penetration of a structure at below ground level.

This penetrating water may have enough pressure and strength to ingress a structure, even one which is presumed to have been adequately waterproofed.

Basements and other below ground structures can leak both during and after construction.   Any construction below ground will always be subject to groundwater.   Groundwater will try and will seep through cracks and joints in all construction. Joints (from movement to floor/wall junctions) will always require attention when waterproofing and these are common pitfalls in project fails.

Why so Blue? CT1 Blue and Blue for Health @CTec_NI_Ltd

We often choose colours to mirror an emotion. Red can be associated with anger, yellow for calmness, white for peace and often black, according to some research is associated with death, luxury and power.

Blue has in fact many interpretations and covers many emotions. Now, more than ever, blue is the colour we see so often. Active, bright, and sign of hope.

BT1 – Introducing ground breaking technology available to all hospitals, clinics, aged care homes and beyond.

BT1 which stands for Bathroom Technology Number 1, was created last year by the creators of CT1. The Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive, which has been used for years within the health industry, aged cared industry, clinics, schools, universities and a broad range of industries. CT1 is a sealant and adhesive which you may have already seen within kitchens and bathrooms within hospitals or even your own home.

Latest Technology from CT1 TRIBRID® Technology and the introduction of the Ground breaking BT1 Ultimate Bathroom Sealant and Adhesive

CT1 who were and still are the pioneers in the field of sealants and adhesives, were the people that introduced the Hybrid polymer over 15 years ago, which changed the face of sealant and adhesive manufacturing and marketing. CT1 were the first to introduce a multipurpose sealant and adhesive that replaced several products in 1. This was a sealant that was also a heavy-duty adhesive, could work on wet surfaces and even under water.

Birmingham Nightingale in one week

Interserve is on track to open the 500-bed Birmingham Nightingale hospital to patients on Friday.

In a phenomenal effort, 400 Interserve staff and subcontractors, with help from 60 Ghurkas, worked around the clock to complete the project in one week. And this was achieved in line with the social distancing guidelines set out by the Government.

Kier secures second Nightingale hospital

Kier has been chosen to deliver its second Nightingale Hospital project, transforming a conference and exhibition centre in Bristol into a coronavirus treatment facility.

By transforming the University of the West of England conference centre, Kier will provide North Bristol NHS Trust with additional beds and facilities, to cater for up to 1,000 patients.

How to save up to £162 on your energy bills while remote working @WorcsBoschCare @HeatingYourHome

As millions of Brits adapt to working from home, Worcester Bosch shares its top tips on how to keep energy bills down in the midst of uncertain times and new routines

  • Turning room thermostats down by just one degree and switching unused lights off can save £94 per household, per year
  • Switching laptops and electrical appliances off, rather than on standby, will save approximately £30 a year
  • Spending 60 seconds less in the shower could save £7 per person, per year

Many Brits are faced with adapting to new working environments as current situations see millions of people working from home. However, recent external research shows that over half of the UK (55%) have no experience in this.

Welltek Bringing Good Vibrations to the NHS. Breathe. Focus. Recover. @officeblueprint

In these times of national emergency, it is important that we all do whatever we can to help those who are battling on the front line to help keep us safe;  Welltek has taken the initiative to provide technology based furniture to a London hospital.

Welltek is a leading London-based furniture company, which is dedicated to bringing the best in health technology to the UK workplace, and are the only company in the UK to distribute furniture with Neurosonic technology.

Welltek has answered the call of help from Whipps Cross Hospital in North London and provided a Neurosonic wave and a neuron activation pod for their make-shift Wellness centre at the hospital. The Wellness Centre provides a space for hardworking NHS staff to have a break when working their shift at the hospital.

Vaulted Basement, Leeds @DeltaMembranes


Delta’s Type C Waterproofing System has provided the perfect solution for a vaulted basement situated close to the city centre of Leeds, enabling the creation of an additional office and music studio.

Delta Registered Installers, Premier Preservations, were approached to offer a waterproofing design and system to a basement, to ensure the vaults – located under the entire footprint of the property were protected from water ingress.

The scope of the works included a full waterproofing system for the basement which was a mixture of vaulted ceilings of solid, lath and plaster with external walls partly below exterior ground and approximately 500mm thick.

Basement design ideas are limitless.  Planning is essential to achieving the right finish for the project.

HHIC issue updated advice to heating engineers on working during COVID-19 crisis. @HHIC

The heating and plumbing industry carry out essential frontline work to maintain the supply of heating and hot water to UK homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. It still needs to operate to ensure people are kept safe in their homes and businesses.

Further to updated Government direction on the circumstances where people should leave their homes during the current pandemic, an additional advice note has been compiled which has sought to clarify those businesses which should close.

HHIC together with the heating industry has updated its advice to frontline engineers- who are currently still operating. These are based on Government recommendations, which change daily. HHIC will keep this page as up to date as possible.


Rinnai UK is continuing to be open for business throughout the current situation with staff able to take any orders or enquiries via telephone or online.

We believe it is both critical and a duty to do our part in helping stop the transmission of COVID-19.  Therefore, we have staff who can and are working from home. And business is continuing as usual via phone and online.

The company supplies a range of continuous flow hot water heating units and systems for installation in commercial and domestic sites.

SOS experts ready to come to the aid of NHS in fight against coronavirus outbreak @EcoGenicsGroup

AN INNOVATIVE company is pulling out all the stops to come to the aid of the NHS in its hour of need as medics throughout the country battle the coronavirus outbreak.

ECO – which is known for its expertise in a range of hygiene and design solutions aimed at the likes of hospitals, care homes, schools, student accommodation and transport operations – supplies one of the UK’s largest hospital trusts.

Specialist solutions firm ECO has a tried and tested reputation of answering SOS calls to help businesses and organisations during a major crisis.

At the height of the devastating floods which hit the UK in December 2015 it was called in to action to help get a major food industry factory back on its feet.