8 Winter-proof Tips You can Steal From Luxury Hotel Bathrooms @Victorianplumb

Love the comforting warmth of a luxury hotel bathroom? Get five-star style with these winter-proof bathroom tips and ideas. 

Nothing beats the ambience of a hotel bathroom and after a long day of travelling, a place of serenity is just what you crave and need. Hotel designers take extra care to ensure that their bathrooms create a warming experience for guests—which is why they’re a major source of inspiration for our own homes.

From warming accessories to budget-friendly ideas, there are tons of winter-proofing tips to steal from the most luxurious, unique accommodations around the world. Bathroom specialists from Victorian Plumbing have shared their favourite tips to help you beat the bathroom blues this winter.  


  1. Stock up on luxury towels 

Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a cosy towel after you get out of the tub or shower. And no hotel bathroom would be complete without a set of Egyptian Cotton towels and matching dressing gown. 

For the winter season, look towards a fast-drying Hydrocotton set.  This highly absorbent, fade-resistant material is even softer to the touch. In addition to instantly making your bathroom feel cosier, this will also provide you with that luxurious hotel feeling after a soak in the tub.

Image: The Mark, New York 


     2. Add a touch of colour

Whether it’s a splash of paint, bright towels or accessories, using colour will help to offset the cold feeling that bathrooms often have. Rich colours like navy, teal and sunflower yellow are on trend and will warm your space right up. Adding a touch of colour to your bathroom will transform it from a cold uninviting space into a five-star sanctuary. 

Image: Number 38 Clifton, Bristol / 


     3. Bring the outdoors in

Succulents, flowers and other plants are used by luxury hotels to keep their bathrooms feeling warm and inviting. Certain plants increase humidity while others can work to decrease it, so we recommend experimenting until you find the right balance for your space. 

Try a humidity loving plant such as the Boston Fern or Snake Plant and let the moisture from your shower help release their natural warmth and oils. Adding a bit of greenery to a polished porcelain pot can create a clean, fresh hotel finish  and produce a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. 

Image: Twelve Senses Retreat, California 


     4. Switch up your shower head 

To evoke fond memories of that luxury hotel spa experience, consider upgrading your small showerhead. A large showerhead, such as this Millan Slim Rainfall Showerhead, will help you stay toasty while showering. These oversized heads are designed to immerse you fully in water, which equals more warmth in winter. 

Remember that a steamy shower and a warm bathroom can be a recipe for mould and mildew, so make you install good ventilation. To keep your hotel-inspired bathroom free from damp, install a low-profile ventilation fan into the wall in a hidden corner to keep that sleek designer feel.

Image: The Mozart Boutique Hotel, Austria 


     5. Layer up the rugs

Nothing screams cold and uninviting like hard tiles. Although it may look good, walking onto an icy cold floor in the middle of winter is particularly comfortable. While not everyone has the luxury underfloor heating, adding some soft inviting rugs into your bathroom will instantly provide warmth. Consider a statement piece, like a berber-style bath mat to bring the boutique hotel style to your bathroom. 

Image: Steenberg hotel and spa, South Africa 

     6. Embrace the senses 

Candles and reed diffusers are the perfect way to add some warmth and character to your bathroom. Invest in essential oils or scented candles to give your space that cosy relaxing feel as you take a soak in the bath. 

Scents with a hint of cucumber or rosemary are great to add that refreshing smell to the room, while also evoking that feeling of calm that you get from a hotel spa. 

Image: MOOo By the Castle, Prague 


     7. Heated Towel Racks

An easy way to stay warm while you run through your morning bathroom routine is to install a heated towel rail. Adding one to your bathroom will add warmth to your bathroom, whilst also heating or drying towels ready to combat the notoriously-cold first step out of the shower. 

Image: Vibe Hotel, Melbourne 


     8. Add warm lighting 

Harsh bright lighting is the last thing you want during the coldest months of the year, warm up your space by switching to warm-toned lighting. Soft illumination helps us to calm down and even achieve a meditative state, perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere. For a budget-friendly alternative try turning off the main bathroom light and adding some additional candles. 

Image: Hoxton Hotel, Paris 

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