Large format sinks continue to uplevel the kitchen wash zone

Large format sinks continue to uplevel the kitchen wash zone

The kitchen sink remains a hero in today’s wash zone with trends showing preference for larger style formats that provide enough space to wash generous sized pots and roasting pans, rinse fruit and vegetables, and help with essential food prep and deep cleaning.

This month, Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode gives us the lowdown on the latest designer sinks influencing the interior design market, and how large format sinks are being used to uplevel the UK kitchen and utility space in 2023.

No longer only reserved for the classic kitchen, large format sinks and deep, multi-bowl designs with complementary accessories are now being specified in a range of contemporary materials and styles with ceramic, stainless steel and granite proving most popular in terms of variety, strength, and hygiene.

Stainless steel is not going to give up the lion’s share of the market overnight and composite granite models are a relative ‘new kid on the block’ in comparison with the traditional ceramic sink – but this newcomer is definitely on the up. In my experience, consumers are prepared to invest more in a kitchen (including a sink) if they are in a forever home, and the longevity and modern appeal of composite granite models can give it the edge over stainless steel for some image-conscious homeowners.

·       Matrix R15 Single Large Bowl Stainless Steel Sink AW5122, shown with Atlas Monobloc Matt Black Tap AT2097

Given the continuing appeal of industrial style in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that grey and black composite granite sinks are proving popular to complement this consumer-friendly look. The GR15 collection is one of our bestselling ranges with the Grey Metallic Granite model fast becoming a design icon. The R15 range is the most versatile undermount stainless steel sink in our offer. Not only can the products in this collection be installed either undermounted or inset, but there are six different bowl sizes available. Options include Single bowl, Large single bowl, Extra-large single bowl, Double bowl, 1.5. bowl and 1.5 Large bowl variants, with the option to design the main bowl left or right-handed.

Efficient by design, the R15 sink offers fast-fit application when installed low profile, inset mounted. Installing in this way will reduce fit time to no more than 15-20 minutes; once the cut out is prepared simply use our fast fit clips to position and secure the sink in place. Using this type of inset install method will not only save you time, but also achieve a high-end undermounted sink scheme that guarantees both style and substance.

·       Provincial Large Double Bowl Sink White Ceramic AW1021

In line with current trends, 2023 will see us delivering a series of new large format sinks offered in a range of contemporary hues, which will allow the end user to personalise the kitchen living space to their own tastes and provide a high contrast design feature in the kitchen. Managing workflow at the sink to optimise efficient food prep will also be a big part of the kitchen zone this year, which is why we are increasing our range of accessories specifically designed for the kitchen sink area, and working with different materials like ceramic, stainless steel and granite.

With the rise in cooking from scratch, consumers are demanding more state-of-the-art sink designs, which fully maximise the available space in the wash zone and accommodate undermount, inset or inset flush mount options. In fact, as the wellness trend continues to permeate the premium market, we have seen strong growth across our entire sink portfolio as homeowners reappraise the kitchen living area.

As standard, Abode kitchen sinks are created for people who want the perfect blend of design, performance, and sheer quality. All sinks are approved to EN13310, conforming to CE and UKCA requirements, along with pipework and wastes conforming to EN695.

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