A revolutionary fire suppressant device has been installed in three Nottingham tower blocks.

Blueproof, developed by Bluerad, not only fights fire but, for the first time in the history of fire suppression products, reduces the amount of toxic smoke and fumes.

The installation in Sneinton, Nottingham, was carried out during a £3m refurbishment of Bentinck Court, Manvers Court and Kingston Courts, three 16 storey tower blocks managed by Nottingham City Homes (NCH).

The opportunity was taken to fit Blueproof in the flats as part of the city’s fire safety measures, while work was already being done to replace radiators in the blocks. Unlike smoke alarms and sprinklers, the device does not require a power supply. Once in place, it brings a new level of fire safety and protection to the residents.

Blueproof is proven to follow the movement of a fire and reduce temperatures not only in the room in which it activates, but also in stairwells and on upper floors. It uses water from inside the radiators to limit fire spread and enhance the likelihood of escape and evacuation.

This is the first time the product has been used in Nottingham properties. Ian Rabett, Head of Health and Safety at Nottingham City Homes, said: “We are always looking for ways to enhance fire safety for our tenants. Blueproof is not replacing any of our existing fire prevention procedures, we just saw this as a perfect opportunity to test its effectiveness in addition to all other measures.”

“Of course we always hope we will never need to use them, as we do all we can alongside Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service to prevent fire in NCH properties. But of course this isn’t always possible and sometimes these events sadly do occur.”
“If the Blueproof device can make a difference to just one person in the event of a fire, then that’s one life worth saving.”

In a report issued by London Fire Brigade (LFB) they stated that 50% of Flat dwellers questioned said they would get out of their flat even if the fire was elsewhere in the building.

Clive Atkinson for the Bluerad team said “ Blueproof is a product that will help to make homes and workplaces a safer place to be, not only for the occupiers of properties, but also for the fire fighters who attend burning buildings. For a relatively small investment and no ongoing maintenance costs, Blueproof has been shown to protect premises against fire and its effects. Blueproof provides water where and when it is most needed”

“We are confident, following the successful installation and commissioning in Nottingham, that we are ready to roll Blueproof out to protect families, workers, the elderly and even pets across the UK.”