Platform Lift Pair for Carters Stores

Carters is the largest independent furniture retailer in Worcestershire, operating from two separate sites in Kidderminster, their showrooms total over 40,000 square feet.

Both showrooms required platform lifts to enable wheelchair access, as well as accommodating light goods to the upper floor of the centres. Invalifts was selected to supply and install the lifts, as their MC2000 Platform lift was available in different sizes which would perfectly accommodate their needs.

Both sites had different requirements, and the flexibility of the options available on the MC2000 Platform lift ensured that all the needs were met.

The first site, Carters Furniture store, required a lift for customer access, as well as requiring key locking for the top floor which only the staff had access to. This lift was able to utilise an existing shaft, and was engineered with bespoke measurements to fill the space perfectly.


The other site was Carters Bed Centre. This installation required a larger platform to enable the transportation of goods as well as people. The doors were positioned in an open adjacent configuration to maximise space and serve a balcony, whilst the shaft was partially glazed to enable the customers to get a great view of the ground floor as they travelled.

This is one of many lifts that Invalifts have installed in commercial locations throughout the UK including lifts at the BBC, Next, Aldi and Wickes.

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